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Web Marketingville helps Local Business grow their business without limits through internet marketing.

This is done by building a strong internet reputation for the business, then marketing that reputation to the online communities where their customers are found. Web Marketingville works!

Web Marketingville understands your challenges.

With our 22 years of internet marketing background that includes; ecommerce, national brand building, reputation marketing, video marketing, and content development, we bring a lot of internet marketing authority to the table.

A client posted on Web Marketingville google+ page:
“Engaging with Ken on the subjects of e-commerce strategy and execution, social media strategy, website design and CRM is like being a passenger on a B747. You know you are in safe hands, you are flying with the best, there is a significant track record and you are going to land at your destination feeling good. Ken can be trusted to have my best interest at heart while still demonstrating a willingness to challenge me to think broadly and strategically. I can and will recommend Ken as a true business professional who fully grasps his subject matter and brings new and different ideas to the table.”

Web Marketingville has developed several proprietary tools that allow it to develop and market online best practices to the internet, social media communities, and video directories.

Most local businesses and local professions have limited internet marketing budgets and that is where we shine. With a planned internet marketing strategy a minimal budget can be established to begin to drive sales and from those sales the budget can be cranked up – eliminating out of pocket costs.

One of the tools Web Marketingville uses to get the local business message out is an application called Local Buzz Connect. By applying various video techniques and content management We get the local business message out in the communities where the customers reside – bringing in more business.

A client said this on our facebook page:

“Ken Geers at Web Marketingville understands online video marketing. His Review Branding Commercials not only promote the business brand but get your 5 star reviews noticed. Call him for details.”

Web Marketingville Tips to get more business…

Web Marketingville Works!

Let’s start a relationship. Share your email address and Web Marketingville will begin to share its knowledge of the internet and social media. Over time , you will begin to trust us as an internet marketing resourse and perhaps we will develop a business relationship.
Let us help you build a 5 Star Reputation and then market that reputation to y market community. Contact us today! 513 489-5550

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